ARPDefender® Testimonials

"This solution is both efficient and effective for identifying rogue systems, as well as intruders performing ARP poisoning. For the clients we work with, this is a viable option for creating awareness of these types of attack vectors and we frequently recommend ARPDefender as an option for them. It's quick and easy to deploy, and it works well when deployed properly."

Sean K. Clark, Principal - IT Security Practice - Brintech Consulting Services, Orlando, FL

"ARPDefender is a must. The ARP Poison Routing Man-in-the-Middle attack has been the Achilles' heel of internal networks for too long. Now, banks don't have to worry about supporting Linux or dedicating additional hardware / software resources, licenses, etc... to have solid detection for APR Man-in-the-Middle attacks. This is a standalone box that simply works." 

Kelly Robinson, Senior Vice President, Information Technology Western National Bank, Midland, TX